$775 Million Pelvic Mesh Settlement Reached to Resolve U.S. Claims, Announces Consumer Safety Watch

Pelvic mesh settlement

One of the largest manufacturers of transvaginal mesh devices has agreed to a pelvic mesh settlement to resolve “virtually all known” U.S. vaginal mesh lawsuits over the defective devices, according to the consumer safety advocate organization Consumer Safety Watch.

The company announced the pelvic mesh settlement earlier this week. It indicated that it would reserve an additional $775 million to settle remaining U.S. claims. This brings this one company's total bill for the dangerously defective devices to $2.6 billion to cover settlements.

The goal of these agreements is to resolve virtually all known U.S. mesh product liability claims.

Alan Christopher, Consumer Safety Advocate

“The goal of these agreements is to resolve virtually all known U.S. mesh product liability claims,” Alan Christopher a consumer safety advocate at Consumer Safety Watch said.  While it remains possible that additional claims will be filed, this announcement will assist most mesh claimants to move forward with their lives and will permit the manufacturers to move forward without the potential litigation over their heads.

According to the new agreements, the company will begin making payment installments in 2017’s fourth quarter. These payments will continue through the fourth quarter of 2019. The pelvic mesh settlement will cover approximately 22,000 U.S. pelvic mesh lawsuits pending against this manufacturer. Plaintiffs are claiming horrifying injuries and serious complications from the devices eroding into the vaginal wall. Most of these claims are pending in the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Southern District of West Virginia.

This settlement comes as thousands of hernia mesh patients are running into similar problems and cases are just beginning to be filed against the manufacturers of the hernia mesh manufacturers.

More info on the settlement is available at https://www.consumersafetywatch.com/news/775-million-pelvic-mesh-settlement

Source: Consumer Safety Watch